Greenway Intergy v10.10 upgrade on Windows 8/10

Intergy as a EHR platform has had several different owners, but it is now owned by Greenway Health. Recently we performed an upgrade from version to version for a client and ran into some issues on Windows 8/10 getting the upgrade to work properly.

This particular client runs Intergy as well as Intergy EHR on several workstations across a number of clinics that are connected via MPLS. The RMSS suite from Intergy allows an administrator to schedule the delivery of the update packages in advance to all of the workstations in the environment. Another benefit of using the RMSS suite is that you can schedule downloads to occur at particular times of day in order to not affect normal business traffic. All of this is accomplished through the “DownloadStatus.exe” tool as part of RMSS.  This is useful because the size of the updates and hotfixes are quite large (the 10.10 release was 1.6gb and the hotfix was around 630mb). Using this tool you can verify the successful distribution of the installation files to all of your PC’s in your environment.

Once you have distributed all of the necessary files for your upgrade, you can then use the RMSS suite to kick off the upgrade remotely. In this particular case, Windows 8/10 machines ran into into an issue when attempting to install the hotfix. The installation of the upgrade to 10.10 proceeded without any problems, but once the hotfix began to install, EHR attempted to uninstall the binaries that were no longer on the system. This caused the upgrade process to hang indefinitely without an administrator stopping the process.

The solution in this case was to do the following:

  1. Uninstall Intergy EHR
  2. Re-apply the hotfix
  3. Install EHR from the “ClinicalChart” folder inside of the hotfix directory
  4. Reboot

For a handful of machines, doing this manually is not a huge waste of time – but for larger organizations, using a script to accomplish this would be highly recommended.